Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Online Dating for a Christian Girl, Part 1

Hello! Long time no write... mea culpa! I've been kind of avoiding this blog because I had major writer's block!
However, I am back, because I have a couple of friends who have requested that I write about my experience online dating. I think as a Christian woman looking for a Christian man on a dating site, it's not easy. I mean, you always have to weed out the weirdies and the creepies, but on top of that trying to discern who has legit faith? ::THROWING MY HANDS UP:: It's pretty darn hard.

Here are a couple of (REAL) messages that I received. (Note: My dating profile actually says "I'm serious about my faith, please only message me if you are a serious Christian.")

1) Do you believe a person can be Christian and be into BDSM?


2) I think you're really cute but I'm an Athiest. Is there wiggle room?
me: Sadly no, but best of luck!
him: And if I was a Christian..?
me: I'd be very happy for you!
him: And then we could date?
me: In principle, yes...
him: OH! I LOVE IN PRINCIPLE! Tell me what I need to do. Even if it's a long road, I'm a speed walker. ;)

This guy also stated in his profile that he loves virgins... 

3) Hi, I am not a Christian but I have a PhD in philosophy, so I understand the system of beliefs.


To be fair, these guys at least acknowledged something about faith. At least. -____-

Aside from the Non-Christian Who Still Wants to Try, Jesus-lovin' ladies need to keep a good head on their shoulders for Christian Guys With No Game. Let's just say I've gone on my share of dates with CGWNGs. They are/seem/might be solid, but don't know how to date. Now, my pastor told me that character should be weighed above etiquette, so don't just nix a dude because he committed a dating faux pas. Nix him because he is a smooth-talking faker or emotionally unavailable, not because he wore your least favorite cologne.

I have a fun bunch of stories and advice for CGWNGs... and that will be in part 2.

Anyways, yea, it's a long road. But, my advice to the single sisters and brothers out there is to just keep on keeping on. For every 20 funny stories, there is 1 fairy tale. Or as my wise friend S says: It only takes one. :) Then the rest is history!

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